What are some of the benefits of seeking professional advice?

The financial world is a tremendously complex environment. When you consider that this environment is further complicated by continuous legislative change the challenges of constructing, implementing and appropriately managing a plan over time to secure your financial future can not be understated. A financial planner can provide the knowledge and expertise that will assist you on the path to financial security.

When you are looking to maximise the opportunities to increase wealth the importance of seeking expert, professional advice is paramount. The best thought out strategy will still lose money if implemented incorrectly.

In spite of most Australians working long hours all their life, only a few enjoy a comfortable retirement. It is generally recognised that a comfortable retirement is the capacity to retire with an income close to what you are currently spending. It is a sad fact however, that most retirees are forced to rely on the basic retirement benefits provided by the Age Pension. A situation ameliorated with the assistance of a professional planner.

A Financial Planning Association study suggests that 4 in 10 Australians regret not having done more financial planning or seeking expert advice. In fact, the statement we hear more than any other is that people wished they had seen a financial planner earlier.

Financial Planning will benefit people at all life stages, not just those nearing retirement. Graham Financial planners are experts in the field. We have the skills and knowledge to develop and implement effective investment structures that give consideration to tax issues, the benefits or otherwise of using superannuation, and taking advantage of salary sacrifice to name just a few.

A financial plan, constructed, implemented and managed by finance professionals will provide you with, not only peace of mind, but also significant benefits over time.

A financial planning relationship is very personal. We recognise rapport and trust are essential to a long term relationship and prospective clients are given the respect to engage with Graham Financial at their own pace.